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Whispering Coves

Whispering Coves is a brand new, 170 acre community in Verona with exceptional amenities. The development will have 209 single-family lots and over 45 acres of open space, including a natural conservancy, playgrounds, multi-use trails, linear parks, and pocket parks. Located west of County Highway M and south of County Highway PD, Whispering Coves is just minutes away from Epic, the west side of Madison, and Fitchburg. Unlike traditional neighborhoods, Whispering Coves was designed with a unique, coving concept, created by Rick Harrison Site Design Studio. This coving concept utilizes an innovative approach to land planning using meandering road patterns and varied home setbacks to provide more openness between structures and maintain viewshed corridors. This results in a much safer, more pedestrian friendly neighborhood. The design maximizes the sense of community and fosters social interaction through thoughtful placement of sidewalks and paths, active and passive usable green spaces, and vistas.

Location Map
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